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Eddie Fiola


Eddie Fiola

Jamie Bestwick

” EPIC !! ”

Jamie Bestwick's Bike

Jamie Bestwick's yellow bike

This 1985 yellow GT Performer is one of the bikes Jamie was trying to track down so I still have a few more on my list to chase down for him!!.

Mike Dominguez

“Thanks for the resto!!..Totally bitchin’ !! ”

Mat Hoffman

“Hi Mark This is amazing! I can’t believe how you breathed such life into that frame. That was sooo beaten down. On second thought this is going to go right next to my Hutch Trick Star and I won’t summons it to any more abuse. I might do one trick on it for photo’s sake, but I’ll keep this stored and polished in my showroom. Thanks for doing this!! STOKED!..I’m psyched to hook you up with a new Hoffman Bike..Let me know what your flavor is and THANKS FOR THE GIFT!..It’s glad to see the work into it and how it was done.Thank’s again !!!..This is dope!!..She’s a BEAUTY! stoked – Mat”

This Green bike was a gift from Mat!!

Mat after a big run at the 2010 Woodward West Old School Reunion

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